Importance of Staying Invested

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Share markets have seen a fair amount of volatility during the month of February. Which always leads investors to consider if they should remain invested or park their funds in safer assets. Whilst you need to take your own timeframe … Read More

What is an ‘Index’?

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When people talk about the share market having gone up or down, what they are usually are referring to is an index. But what is an index and why is it important? An index measures how a certain part of … Read More

February 2017 Market Commentary

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Developments in the global economy Global economic data continues to show incremental improvement. Domestic readings are better described as mixed, but the Reserve Bank appears to be signalling an end to Australian rate cuts. Australia The Australian economy grew by … Read More

The Trump Presidency – what it means for you?

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When news of Donald Trump’s impending election victory started filtering through in the afternoon of 9 November, markets were thrown into turmoil. The Australian sharemarket lost almost 5% in the space of a few hours, the US sharemarket pointed down … Read More