January 2019 – Financial Knowledge Centre Newsletter

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In this month’s newsletter:

  • we begin with a financial health check to kick-start your personal finances for the year ahead
  • Our animation illustrates the important relationship between monetary policy, cash rates and interest rates – and, ultimately, what this means for you.
  • There has been recent legislative changes in several areas that may be relevant to you; we discuss these further.
  • Practising money mindfulness in your daily life can be beneficial for your money management now and into the future; we take a closer look.
  • Lastly, we leave you with a video by Google, which showcases the searches that shaped 2018.

In addition, if you have a savings goal in mind for 2019, why not check out our ‘How Much To Deposit’ and ‘How Long To Save’ Savings Goal Calculators.


Devon Partners Financial Knowledge Centre

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Important Note: The information provided in this article is intended as a guide only. It is important to seek professional, accredited financial advice when considering whether the information is suitable to your personal circumstances.

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